Journey “Into My Mind”

Everyone has a story to tell. In this case, Jana` tells her’s through prose and essays written to reflect   her pain, family tragedies, and the love and support she received from others.

At age one-year old, Jana` witnessed her mother being shot to death. At age nine, she experienced her father’s death as a result of cancer. Everyone has tragedy in their lives, but how we deal with our circumstances determines our life paths. Triumph and perseverance, are reflected throughout these poignant, yet strong writings. Written from the deep place that only one who has suffered can find, these essays can lend voice to anyone who might not have the words to express their own feelings, but need to release. Go into your mind, through the essays of Jana` Chantel.

A selection of personal essays written to reflect perseverance and triumph.

“The goal of this book is to uplift and inspire. We’ve all been through some sort of adversity in our lives, by sharing mines, I hope to help others get through their’s. I’ve been through it and came out standing. I want the world to know that they can come out standing too. Stay uplifted and inspired. “—Jana` Chantel

Want a signed copy? Order Into My Mind here:

$12.00 (plus $3.00 for shipping)

Find  Into My Mind  at:

The Book Beat
26010 Greenfield
Oak Park, MI 48237

or Order it off of Amazon or Barnes & Noble

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